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Celebrate The Year of the Eucharist

The real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist will be celebrated across the world from June 14 (the 2020 Feast of Corpus Christi) to June 6 (the 2021 Feast of Corpus Christi), uniting all Catholics as one body of Christ. Join with family and friends in prayer, promotion and participation...

Each day commit to praying an additional 15 minutes, including Mass, Adoration, grace before meals and bedtime prayer. Share your faith in the true presence of the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist by giving witness by talking to others about your beliefs.




Update: The 2020 assessment for Saint Michael Parish is $37,110. Currently 103 donors have responded, raising $21,330 or 57% of this amount. Remember that the parish is responsible for paying any shortfall between the assessment and monies raised.

Due to the shutdown of Churches for COVID-19, parishes were unable to launch the 2020 Catholic Appeal this past March with an in-pew presentation. However, as the work of our Church has continued amidst the pandemic, the more than 50 ministries funded by the Catholic Appeal are in need now more than ever. The success of the Appeal is vital in funding these ministries that provide assistance to our parishes, schools, and communities in a variety of ways. Please consider making your gift to the 2020 Catholic Appeal in one of the following ways: If you receive a letter or email, respond using the pledge card or donation options. Or visit bostoncatholicappeal.org to give online




Rooted in our sacramental  celebrations of the Eucharist, we seek to shape our future in a positive way through our parish school, religious education, youth ministry programs and numerous Christian services.  While maintaining a strong sense of Catholic tradition, we look for ways to revitalize our Christian values through more openness to God's word and our gospel call to love God and neighbor.  Trusting in the Holy Spirit, we seek new ways of being a church for members, active or not, as well as reaching out to the wider community.

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